• Be motivated when you need to be.

  • Perfetch Cube helps you
    QUANTIFY and TRACK your wellness goals over time.
  • Have you wanted to see EXACTLY
    how your body CHANGED right after a workout?
  • 5 SECONDS body scan. Millions of data points.
    Know your body like never before!

Have your 3D selfie within 5 seconds.

What the Perfetch Cube® measures?

Body Measurements

We provide 10 important measurements including waist, hip, chest, arm, thigh, etc.

Body Composition & Health Indices

We measure your health indices including BMI, body fat, muscle rate, visceral fat, etc.


We visualize your body image as well as changes over time to motivate you and help you achieve measurable and desired goals.
Join our team to increase your skills.
In order to expand the business, we are looking for interns who has a passion for working in a startup. Our HQ is based in Malden, MA.
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